now on the geothermal floor

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the state is now on the geothermal floor is not strictly required, consumers choose the floor when faced with many problems , This time in order to make you clearly white consumption, we invited to the Jilin Provincial Academy of Forestry Dean Professor Wang Jun. Welcome! Professor Wang Jun Wang Jun: Hello everyone! I am in the China Forestry Association is responsible for the floor complaints, the recent market there are many floor to do geothermal, one is to strengthen the composite class, one is solid wood. Originally, we have a lot of case analysis can show to everyone, geothermal environment, there are requirements of national standards, we are complaining in the complaint is more than the issue of indicators, in the consumer environment, in Xi'an this place is estimated that not less than 40% The Solid wood is the first category, Related links: alternative to lattice garden fence clean pvc furniture and railing best wood plastic for outdoor