Australia of the substitute

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as acid of Australia of the substitute that be not acid nevertheless the market of the branch accepts degree to rise ceaselessly, the market is tight spruce, take money rapid, Pvc Foam Sheet Manufacturers still haven arrives market of quantity promotion, lumber is off-season the element such as advent, the price that be not acid shows now to drop in the later period in May trend. The price of the Mao Ban that be not acid that norms grows for 12* nature wide 2m is certain in have fall. Be not case of acerbity month base price to fluctuate somewhat, Mounting Patio Gazebo To Deck 12* nature is wide, length 2M is not acerbity Mao Ban to quote in 4000-4200 yuan. The sanded price that compare profit drops somewhat The Shabili that norms grows for 2.5/5* nature wide 2-5m value of entrance board market drops somewhat, regard Africa as material, market value of Shabili suffers haven to arrive quantity, market is off-season the effect is serious. Haven of material of Africa of the first ten days of a month arrived 100 thousand are controlled in May, the value is total drop somewhat, the log such as Ao Guman, Shabili drops 100 yuan / square left and right sides; Market of lumber of the middle ten days of a month is off-season atmosphere is aggravating, 4X8 Wood Fence Panels african material price is to glide badly more, price fall of the sanded log that compare profit 200 yuan / square left and right sides; Although still present downtrend,