terminal market capacity

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Where is the opportunity, in fact, the market has been specified. 1, terminal building intensive distribution has become the only way for the manufacturers to compete in the market outdoor waterproof deck , the product terminal performance will be the manufacturers after the long-term competitive focus. Manufacturers will no longer need to do the dealer area agents, and more hope to host in the broad sales, intensive distribution, strengthen the terminal management, competition for the direction of the terminal market space. Dealers rely on monopoly, take the big, eat the difference between the way of survival has become history, and the direct control of the terminal market capacity, dealers and manufacturers will become the necessary bargaining chip negotiations. Dealers want to be in the tomorrow's market is not abandoned by manufacturers, not peer-out, their own terminal network marketing is the only way. " buying composite decking europe , wood fence materials shipped nationwide , grades of wood plastic composite flooring , where to buy wood plastic composite "