oxidation and so on, a piece of old wooden

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introduction. A, from oil, gold oil Tan: distributed in Southeast Asian countries, tree height up to 60M, diameter of 1.8M. Weak luster, with wax texture. The texture is deep and staggered, the structure is fine and uniform, the quality is hard and hard, and the strength is high. Dry shrink. The processing is difficult, the cutting surface is smooth, the nail is easy to split, and the nail holding ability is strong. Strong acid
resistance, very resistant to decay. Dry, very mantle, easy to end crack, split and deformation. Air dry density 0.85~1.15g/cm3. is used in the manufacture of heavy structures, marine buildings, bridges, docks, facilities, shipbuilding, sleepers, joinery, furniture, etc.. Because of the strong acid resistance, it is resistant to decay, and also used as an acid liquid container. B, Pontianak: Belian distributed in
Southeast Asian countries. Tree height up to 40M, diameter about 1.2M. Global reserves are not many. Shiny, raw wood with lemon flavor. Oily, sexy. The texture is straight or slightly oblique. Fine and uniform structure. The quality is heavy, the strength is very high, the dry shrinkage is very big. It is not difficult to machining, smooth, paint and adhesive properties are slightly worse. Strong nail holding ability
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