furniture, the raw material is the use of special

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materials are special. The more detailed knowledge of ancient boat wood furniture, please see the following Xiaobian introduce. What is a boat wood furniture boat wood furniture is a furniture, the raw material is the use of special, after years of baptism and seawater immersion into the wooden plate in a disastrous state and make sure the wooden furniture, the retired ships, while maintaining the prototype
of material, through multi-channel manual processing. The furniture, retained the ships originally after seawater purification, the retention of ship wood traces, holes and ravines, formed a unique traces of time, its appearance when stained, is young and fashionable retro family favorite. Now, the choice of wooden materials selection requirements are very high, there are professional staff after the choice, the wood
material basically is used in Queensland's wood, sandalwood, teak, Ironwood and so on, and then made in the ship, after decades of development, the old material to make out of retirement the furniture into furniture, compared with a sense of history, while the surface texture is clear, has the collection value, is the love of modern people and ancient collectors. Two, old ship wood furniture features ancient wood
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