the roundlet table

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processing pouring wine cup. The course detects, the edge that has furniture of 6 batch children and most advanced project are unqualified, among them desk of chair of the low deck designer and estimator children bookcase that 4 batch buy from day cat store, study, children, the roundlet table that two batch buy from the hypostatic inn of city of Jiangsu province Yangzhou and roundlet stool. Unqualified list Mark of store of flagship of 9 letters household calls day cat store " 9 letters " card children bookcase. Mark of store of flagship of appropriate of fine of gloss wood deck panels accept of day cat store is called justice the study chair that company of Wu Lexue juvenile products produces Mark of store of flagship of household of prince of doctor of day cat store is called " the doctor is princely " card children desk Mark calls brand shop of cabinet of article of birch of room of a high official in ancient China of day cat store " ease name is resided " the shop sign is little rely on chair Area of river of Yangzhou city Han loves to live in things inn mark to call more " love more " card roundlet desk Mark exterior wall coverings waterproof calls brand shop of dreamy time Yangzhou " dreamy time " card roundlet stool The aperture of furniture of 9 batch children and clearance are unqualified Detect personnel introduces to the reporter,Good Wpc Deck