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Shanghai is the largest building materials distributor in Europe, with annual sales of 30 billion euros, ranking the world's top 500 120 PVC FENCE SALE , sales network in 22 countries around the world, with more than 3,500 stores. Méridien Paris has been honored with hundreds of years of professionalism in Saint-Gobain's building materials, following the professional quality of the French royal court, concentrating on the Group's major advantages in the world, and emphasizing that 'low prices, design, and construction' China launched in the mall to buy materials on behalf of the installation of services, so that your dream is no longer far away. In the opening day, the United States Chung Paris decoration center new store will be a grand launch of none other plan, none other rate up to 15,000 yuan! In addition to the management fee free, there are 3,000 yuan -5000 yuan ranging from the gift package sent. " wood plastic extrusion , tile wall board malta , best wood plastic composite fence , strips to prevent slipping on wooden decks "