the mortise and tenon structure should

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resistance, buried in the ground for thousands of years can not rot, so most of the emperor's coffin nanmu. Differential diagnosis of 2, Phoebe nanmu has a delicate fragrance, this fragrance can avoid insect repellent. The test also proved that the erosion of Nanmu wood rot fungi, can be anti termite. In addition, nanmu animal anti marine drilling wood decay is also strong, so, the history of the Royal bookcase
must be nanmu furniture books. Differential points 3, Watkins Nan wood grain fine magnificent, exquisite, smooth and soft texture, a new section of yellow color with green, strong luster, the most obvious feature is in the light of a trace of light, but also beautiful and innocent, quiet low-key. Differential points 4, nanmu wood mild winter, do not touch the cold, summer is not hot, not to hurt the body, while other
hardwood furniture does not possess the excellent characteristics, so the palace commonly used nanmu arhat bed, making tables, cabinets and shelves, can also be used to decorate doors or making room appliances. Differential points 5, due to Phoebe wood straightened out and not easy to deformation, rarely split phenomenon, wood expansion and shrinkage of small and moderate hardness, good nail force.
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