difference in nanmu furniture, for materials

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exquisite workmanship, Xingshenjianbei nanmu furniture is worth having. Misunderstanding nine: only concerned with wood and ignore the same goods or a wood and have little difference in nanmu furniture, for materials of different sizes, not a product, the price may have multiple differenceAnd what is the difference from mesuaferrea? Although only one word, but two in the wood but their essence is different,
you may wish to follow the following small series with a look. First, from Leguminosae, iron sword, wings of wood (mahogany) published in 2000, "standard" will be included in the mahogany mahogany from the ranks. Chestnut wood is fine, the texture is ringed, heartwood, sapwood is white or yellowish white, the heartwood dark red or purple brown, black is exposed in the atmosphere, also known as ebony.
Chestnut wood with black stripes, pores visible to the naked eye, the new plane is sour smell or herbal smell, taste bitter. From wood hard and heavy, the processing is not easy, difficult to cut hard nails to nail into the plane, it is difficult to enter the ax, from said, for the construction and production of tools, furniture, musical instruments and other wood. Two, Mesua ferrea Ke Huang Teng, (non mahogany)
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