Standardized breeding area

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According to the market demand, they vigorously cultivate leading enterprises, take the 'company + base + farmers', 'leading + base + farmers', 'market + base + farmers' way, lengthen the industrial chain, improve the level of agricultural industrialization. At the same time, the county to speed up the large-scale development of animal husbandry industry, out of the scale of farmers to increase the way to increase income. At present, Kaifeng County has formed a prayer dairy industry, Ankang dairy industry, the Yellow River animal husbandry three rearing leading enterprises, cultivated auspicious layer of chicken, Yan Shigang pig, Fan Village cow, Bandung beef cattle and other high-quality breeding base, built 25 Standardized breeding area. " wood handrails supplier in dubai , thermally modified lumber for sale , process of plastic wood deck manufacturing , install veranda railing system "