the immediate deck area

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Keeping the house well above the water level means the experience of the surrounding environment, and more directly, the wind, air and sunlight permeate all the Spaces Outdoor WPC Floor .Although it is set higher, the pavilion is still low-lying, with a delicate natural background. A generous rooftop suspension protects the interior rigor, direct sunlight, and the immediate deck area of the shelter, contributing to the indoor and outdoor experience as the most modern of the pavilions.Smooth, warm tonal wood floor interior and exterior space continuity. The sense of Windows and sliding doors is a constant presence, not an occasional glimpse.The program is simple, a living room and kitchen area in front and steering mechanism, mainly sleeping in the rear room, a small second bedroom and bathroom. " outdoor plan with curved seats , deck design outside mount railing posts , modern composite wood cladding usa , external floor tiles "

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Re: the immediate deck area