the first step: screw application of big

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outdoor need to stay 5mm. The fourth step: lock screws, minimum distance, more than 1.5cm, 10cm spacing locks - screws.     two; mixed construction method; the first step: screw application of big headed Lima screw; frame spring can be more than 1.0mm of fire galvanized aggregate. The second step: 40cm under the -65mmx35mm column. The third step: lock screws, distance margin of at least
1.5cm, horizontal 10cm spacing, lock a screw; from the top, the next row of screws 5cm, other 10cm. The fourth step: two layers of plate joints can not be continuous. The fifth step: the completion of the plate, grouting can be strengthened in the lateral lateral locking transverse column, to be removed after grouting.     three; exterior wall construction with thickness above 1.2mm galvanized
skeleton, spaced 30cm next pillar. First lock a layer of 12mm-15mm thick plywood, and then paste or lock 8mm thick FOREX wood grain cement board, and then do surface waterproof paint processing. 1. joint treatment soil and screws can be no AB true joint, to increase the intensity of the wall plate to avoid cracking. 2. surface treatment suggestion surface material: FOREX wood grain cement board is a
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Re: the first step: screw application of big

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Re: the first step: screw application of big

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