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pass old technique to improve, the advantage that goes up by right of environmental protection function and price replaces particieboard stage by stage in balcony flooring materials in egypt what fine board makes custom-built furniture is main with material, brand of famous and custom-built household all uses the part particie board serves as custom-built chest and custom-built ambry advocate material. Custom-built household growth is driving in recent years, all 2015 custom-built furniture appears on the market company battalion closes to grow to all be in compared to Composite Wood Floor Flooring For Bathrooms the same period 20% above, decide those who make pattern to drive as whole house at the same time, hopeful of custom-built furniture industry maintains high speed growth, this will become the main driving force that particieboard demand increases. Our country particieboard is used occupy than far under other country district, OSB is in start level. Our country man-made board occupy mediumly in the whole world than Teak A Teak achieving 50% , but particieboard is in our country man-made board is occupied mediumly than inadequacy 10% , and in particieboard of Europe,wpc deck board