floor of the wood clear, decorative effect

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wood! Stone wood floor of the 11 features, had a small home to share the end, we hope to understand the stone wood floor help. For more information on the renovation of building materials, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Antique wood floor of the wood clear, decorative effect is good, by many consumers of all ages. Currently on the market of antique wood flooring, the quality of good and bad, consumers are difficult to
determine its quality is good or bad, the following small series to teach you some antique wood quality of the identification of good or bad, for everyone to choose the reference antique wood floor. First: see, there are bumpy antique solid wood flooring, look at each board of the "black side", such as the process is good, its processing level is higher, "black edge" is also smaller. Look at the surface of the floor is what kind of wood, the surface thickness is how
much can distinguish the quality of good or bad. Second: style selection, according to the color to points, antique flooring mainly dark and light, according to the process to points, there are three-dimensional antique and drawing antique series. Therefore, the choice of a color and craft, to a large extent also limits the direction of home improvement style. Third: try, consumers can take a dollar coins on the floor surface scraping, if it is good quality, surface paint
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