faced production value

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year income just a little 100 thousand yuan; 2010, help Fu Qinggong manage era is machined, fu Qing gives instructor, bad product sells the market not to drop Extending Floor Joists To Support Deck Fu Qing to give allowance, buy a hot press blessing to celebrate allowance 50 thousand yuan, worker inductrial injury compensates for Fu Qing to go out 20% . Blessing is faced production value amounted to 30 million yuan last year, with labour 48 people. "The market is off-the-peg, still have allowance, follow such boss to do, 1/2 Inch Composite Decking be free from anxiety in the heart. Be free from anxiety in the heart.Celebrating auspicious timber industry also is enterprise of form a complete set, workshop develops today's 8000 much square metre from the 600 much square metre when building a plant so, production value How To Keep Composite Decks From Fading increases 40 million yuan of last year by 3 million yuan when holding water, with labour also by so 20 much people add 68 people. Manager Wu Jin says, chen Changfu of boss of company of Fu Qingmu estate loves to learn, it is a honest person. Once, because quality problem is retreated,Wpc Deck Wholesale