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Settleclear brook presses down Yu Dongmu material to already made change east the area is the largest lumber runs the market Lumber market is in the Yu Dongmu that is diy composite wood patio table located in settleclear brook town on century 80 time are initiative form, the course is bred wholeheartedly, already made change now east the lumber with the largest area runs the market. In recent years, this lumber market perfects industrial catenary further, to deep treatment, finish machining outspread, increase a property thereby additional cost, how big deck for 28 ft round pool free standing enlarge market dimensions ceaselessly, already formed now with lumber storehouse, trade wait for a function to serve at an organic whole large specialization wooden industry product trades settle accounts platform. The graph is undertaking to lumber for the worker air is basked in decorticating. Luo river city faces Ying county Du Qu to press down lumber of Shen Jianjin condition to pvc porch flooring tongue and groove superintend an area.Recently, zhou Xinhe of deputy mayor of Luo river city examines to Luo river quarantine bureau appears in the newspaper " the proposal that superintends an area about lumber of our city Shen Jianjin condition " make written instructions: This proposal is good and seasonable,outside wpc deck