the confusion of the floor market

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was identified nine floors to promote brand agents to the award, has been unanimously approved by the peer and the community's wide acclaim. With the city's urban and rural living standards are increasing, more and more people to decorate the pursuit of fashion life of the new darling. On the floor of a project, in the city Huambo, Longsheng, Sheng Ye, Hongdu, South China, Ming Ming, and several other building materials market sales of up to more than 170 floor brands. As manufacturers and agents to print their own promotional materials are often exaggerated, and the price disparity, the quality is good and bad, coupled with the deck, OEM processing floor fish, to a certain extent, caused the confusion of the floor market, so that consumers in the When buying fuzzy, no choice. In view of the above, the Provincial People's Government Service. Related links: Corrosion-resistant wood balcony railings Outdoor wood patio fence Cheap wood composite outdoor flooring

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Re: the confusion of the floor market

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Re: the confusion of the floor market