lumber rough machining

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"This remove main target is centrally on road of the north that seize a copy and accept gold road. " this controller introduces, this concentration removes the object is poolside storage boxes Guatemala all is engaged in that manage sale of log, plank and lumber rough machining trade inside Lhasa urban district door. According to the statistic before this, at present already 239 business door participated in ballot to be signed remove agreement. "14 business were built to spread inside new market, among them two are big supermarket, run a few business door needs every day object, other trader spreads the cafeteria how to build a bench with table in including to have, Tibet cafeteria and Islamic cafeteria to wait. " this chief says, the broadband of communal toilet, fire control, drinking water, network infrastructure inside the market already was deployed, tibetan bank also will install setting self-help to access money machine inside the market recently, go to the lavatory cross timbers composite deck the management activity of business door. "Outside new market the position of two side now already obligate came out, two place will build the north and south outside the gate henceforth commercial house. " this controller say, newly-built commercial house will be used at business door the service such as rental room, guesthouse,outside wpc deck