comfortable, not fade, beautiful texture natural

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modern scientific and technological achievements of microcrystalline stone as the substrate, the surface through the UV and special technology Manufacture of grain and marble patterns. With no deformation, not afraid of blisters, not afraid of raw ants, feet comfortable, not fade, beautiful texture natural, surface coating weathering strong, resistant to burns and so on. 2, microcrystalline stone flooring pavement is very convenient, do not destroy the ground, in the
case of flat ground, can be directly paved, save time and effort is also worry. 3, microcrystalline stone wood floor performance is stable, there is no radioactive, free of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, even in the heating state will not volatile harmful gases to ensure that the home environment is healthy, in continuous high temperature weather, sun, Of the case, no cracking, no arch, no deformation, no termite. 4, microcrystalline stone wood floor
combustion performance in line with national standards A1, fire performance is outstanding. Anti-fall, wear, do not slip, feet comfortable, so that families have children, the elderly can rest assured that living. Second, the shortcomings of microcrystalline stone flooring Microcrystalline stone flooring shortcomings is not durable, easy to cut. Secondary firing process requires a higher degree of flatness is not enough, even easy to delamination. Microcrystalline stone
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