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Exposition will last 3 days, ended on March 23. (Chinese · is horizontal forest) a piece when international floor exposition recycled wood fences serves as horizontal stroke forest beautiful beautiful calling card, regard floor of domestic aggrandizement wood as a brand of the industry, the transition that is industry of floor of horizontal stroke forest upgrades development produced main effect. Successive the success of 10 exposition is held, built a low cost, efficient revealing windproof wooden fence for sale to communicate platform for industry of domestic and international floor, make horizontal stroke forest becomes floor board of country's biggest wood of high grade aggrandizement quickly to produce base and exit base. Have the aid of of tiger forest city " Russia plantation mill " expand lumber industry, allow throughout the country of outdoor pvc panel application product sell like hot cakes Line of division of Russia seaside border area alls alone Za Woci captures city, chinese interpret is silvan mill. See not hard from the name, substantial silvan natural resources is the Wpc Flooring Guide