factors to determine

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difference is that, for a strong brand, similar to the Union object will have a lot, it is easy to find, for example, China Unicom since July 2009 so far, almost every month New members joined their camps, covering the financial, insurance, aviation, power grids, home appliances, automobiles, tourism and many other areas. And they are
more involved in the field, is to improve the purchase of products to the user's attraction, the user's perception is the most critical factors to determine. Relative to the disadvantage of the floor brand is due to industry limitations is difficult to broaden their alliance, inevitably reduced to accompany the role of Prince Edward reading, and
finally only with the advantage of the brand awareness of the stone across the river. Which suffer, perhaps only the elephant and the head of nature Weng Shaobin and She Xuebin their own mind clear. To buy the floor to send TV, can not escape the 'promotional inertia' complex Whether it is 'long holy alliance' or 'sea alliance', one of the two
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