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the same as the ordinary Deli gift customary. 'In Zhang Zhiming view, only to emphasize the value of consumers Oriented, real product, real price, at the same time how to give consumers a healthy and environmentally friendly and consistent with their aesthetic values ​​of the psychological experience on the next effort, the next great effort is the
real king. I think this can also explain why they launched the IN art floor in the Guangzhou Construction Fair to dominate, much consumers favor. The real power of an industry development, not the pattern of marketing or means the number of patterns, but depends on the innovation in research and development, product excellence or
not, and whether to meet the needs of consumers starting. 'The brand does not exist in the factory or office, it exists only in the minds of consumers.' Enterprises have only products, consumers have the brand, the best example is the rise in 2006 Flooring business 'star endorsement crazy', nearly 200 image spokesperson to the floor business
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