Solid wood floor renovation steps

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1, the use of large-scale renovation of the floor several times to remove the paint paint, surface, wood layer of about 0.5 mm, and then carefully sanding the floor surface delicate,Полы для напольного покрытия второго этажа smooth to a new state. The corner of the floor is polished using a small angle grinder to achieve the overall smoothing effect.
2, the original side seam transparent putty removed, re-sealing, and then the whole floor of the floor sealed primer, to be dry. To be dry after the paint,пластиковая обшивка из твердого забора brush the first time finish, to be dry. Carefully sanded with water sandpaper, the surface layer grinding to slightly rough, remove the powder.
3, according to the above procedures brush three to four times the finish,боковая палуба для наземного бассейна the last time without grinding. To be the last time after the dry finish on the floor wax can be.