European-style flooring climax

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to fully consider the needs of units. In 2007, the European flooring exhibition in the big floor to become the focus of attention, the unique length of the floor, the unique design creativity, means that Europe into the era of large flooring. Golden Eagle as a "big floor experts" leader, with an international perspective and because of professional and leading spirit, once again the European advanced home culture into China, the full introduction of "whole tree" floor, which again triggered The purchase of large European-style flooring climax. Lin Dalin also said that the floor to be installed with the ground processing division. If the floor pavement problem is caused by the ground of sand, tide, concave, convex, crack caused by the floor, the installation effect will be greatly reduced. Ground flat is mute, Related links: PVC Synthetic teak boat deck materail Half-height courtyard PVC fence Eco-wood outdoor wall panel