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Zhen, also be attracted the company will work. Post of country of Wei of the laborer that return country and reporter calculate Cost Of Composite Wood Fencing removed economic Zhang, he says: "When I had worked more than one year here, my base pay is 3800 yuan, increase a few stake of full attendence award and the end of the year, raise the home to paper a mouth to be no problem. Raise the home to paper a mouth to be no problem.. Book limited company basically produces course of study of henry strange Trailways Pvc Fence Cost deal high-grade, avoid Qi Sheng voice board, environmental protection is multilayer board with high-grade furniture, current, the company invests dimensions to already amounted Cellulose wood fence materials to 300 million yuan, predict production value will achieve 600 million yuan 2017, achieve duty 60 million yuan, the enterprise still will undertake 2 period project development,WPC Deck Benefit further progress is aided promote local economy development, implementation government, enterprise and masses 3 win. Port of 2 Lian Hao spy: Lumber imports flourishing to increase carry the