wood chip raw materials

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industry, the real brand leadership. The second magic weapon is a powerful equipment management and maintenance system, equipment downtime rate of less than 11.5%, which in the domestic industry can not do other, in the world is also unique. Less downtime, to ensure continuous and stable production of the product, greatly reducing the
open and shutdown caused by product instability. At the same time, we also have a leading national production equipment: the majority of domestic manufacturers are using drum slicer, and we use the Fulghum peeling machine and disc chipper, and drum slicer production of wood quality, Type slices of wood chip more uniform quality, less
fines, fiber dust less, coarse fiber is also less, to ensure that the wood chip raw materials clean, high quality; followed by the country has only one of the two drying equipment to ensure a very stable Fiber moisture content, the fiber moisture content control in less than 0.5%. While other domestic manufacturers basically fiber moisture
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