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Maintenance of mahogany furniture in winter or dry or wet, resulting mahogany furniture where the temperature and humidity changes in a volatile environment. How to maintain mahogany furniture in winter season? Pay attention to several maintenance tips, mahogany furniture can be spent safely through the winter. When placing furniture to be careful awaypatio table made from decking boards from heat, at least 1 meter. Furniture from the heat source is too close, will soon make the moisture inside the furniture wood due to evaporation caused by the furniture seam, mortise shrinkage, and lead to deformation of the tenon deforming panel cracking. The best furniture back, the interior also rubbed beeswax again.
Indoor humidity as much as possible. If often wiped with a damp cloth or the use of humidifiers, fish, people and installation cost for composite decking furniture are good. Furniture placed to put flat, not four legs are not in a plane. Furniture as a whole to keep vertical with the ground, otherwise easily lead to furniture as a whole and the door and other parts of the deformation, eventually resulting seam slit, detrimental to furniture life.
Do not use damp cloth to clean furniture dust. Float the furniture should be the first to gently brush the dust and then1 foot high plastic fencing wipe with a cotton dry cloth to prevent particles of dust damage to the furniture surface and not beautiful. Moving furniture is best to move when moving, do not pull hard to pull, easy to cause lower leg leg split. With drawers, it is advisable to drop a few drops of wax on the bottom of the drawer or on the drawer �� (shelf) (chest of drawers), which reduces friction and prolongs service life. Expansion and contraction, is a common phenomenon in the biological world, mahogany furniture in winter, the corresponding moisture inside the wood will occur movement, the molecules will have a contraction iron or wood plastic balusters suppliers in china of the state, only need to follow the above requirements, mahogany will not be too Big impact