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directly under the Central Government) the ply of paper of 120 batch macerate that 120 enterprises produce controls woodiness floor board Flexural Strength Of Wood kind product, selective examination 14% what company number occupies this kind of countrywide product to produce company number about. The result shows, jiangsu province is nominal manufacturing company " fierce enters Ou Henglin Ou Dian decorates material factory " , norms is " 812mm 136mm 12mm " , model is " 2108 " , manufacturing where to buy decking cheap date / lot number is " 2017-04-05 " ground of woodiness of macerate paper lamination, zhejiang province is nominal manufacturing company " Zhejiang day Zhen Zhumu It Cost To Install A Deck develops limited company " , norms is " 809mm 148mm 12mm " , manufacturing lot number is " 2017-01-05 " the 8 batch product of 8 enterprises such as floor of woodiness of Wood Composite Decking For Basement Ideas macerate paper lamination. Additional, on August 16, the macerate ply of paper to Shanghai production, sale presses supervisory bureau of Shanghai quality technology quality of woodiness floor product