stains will stay on the floor

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very difficult, it is easy to leave a lot of water stains on the ground, people feel slippery foot feel insecure, mopping efficiency is low, the appearance is not beautiful, Shun floor Xiaobian Jun suggested that do not use this mop drag wood floors. Mop cotton mop is currently the most popular mop on the market, because the mop head is a
sponge material, strong suction and good washing, mopping efficiency is relatively high, but Shun floor Xiaobian Jun experience is not completely wrung the mop Wring dry, the total is still very wet, although it can drag away the dust stains, but water stains will stay on the floor, so it is not suitable for solid wood flooring, wood flooring will
make life expectancy; used to drag tiles is not bad. In addition, although self-cleaning gum sponge itself, but after the adsorption of hair, dust, even after cleaning, plastic wool inside the pores will have a certain degree of clogging, over the years the adsorption force will be worse, or even produce Dry cracked. Dry drag the floor can not be
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