scribe, the floor left behind the dirty traces

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the floor, do not buy a poor floor. 4, weigh the weight of the composite laminate to strengthen the high density, cross-section of the texture is delicate and uniform, small and compact particles. Poor quality composite flooring, the cross-section particles large and sparse, very rough surface. And then weigh their weight, good solid wood flooring because of the density, feel more heavy. See the grain, look at the
bar code, smell the temperature, weigh the weight, which is how to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of small composite floor to strengthen the composite floor method, you want to strengthen the composite floor to buy help, for more understanding of laminate flooring knowledge, Please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Strengthen the floor maintenance is
different from the solid wood flooring maintenance, solid wood floor maintenance needs regular waxing, and strengthen the composite floor without waxing, just do a simple cleaning and maintenance work can be. Here we take a look at strengthening the maintenance of composite floor technology. 1, often keep the floor dry and clean, do not use plenty of water to wash, pay attention to avoid local long-term
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