national level lumber

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development of national level lumber Recently, government of Heibei Wen An county and institute of industry of lumber of academy of Chinese forestry science outdoor flooring for small terraces sign cooperative agreement in Wen An, both sides will establish center of lumber technology research and development. Civil bring classics of experience of man-made board industry 30 old development, amount to from personnel of course of study ten numerous, it is Chinese north is the biggest difference in polywood and recycled plastic base of man-made board produce and sale. In the past since 4 months, this county catchs processing, tear open boiler, force with environmental protection industrial transition upgrades, make 8 fields in the round 20 standards, undertake test integratedly checking and accept. Up to on August 7, already 55 enterprises are finished check and accept. To advance Wenan man-made board industry marchs to industry vinyl stain bead board for porches high end, they are in center of left center of research and development of level of state of construction of each bank plan, qualitative check, university of forestry of Beijing of active butt joint, create base of scientific Deck Board Used As Siding research of Master doctor education, declare " national level man-made board area of industrial demonstrative garden " , guide guild and most advanced enterprise