which reduced the floor formaldehyde

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emissions �� 1.5 �J / L, although the human body is basically not a threat, but the floor still remains Many free formaldehyde. In 2013, the flooring industry started the second environmental revolution and launched the E0 environmental protection standard, which reduced the floor formaldehyde emission to 0.5�J / L. 3. Look good quality flooring to choose a good material, good material to natural, high
density and moderate. Some people think that the higher the density of artificial wood, the better, but in fact not the case, too high density, swelling of its high rate of swelling, easily lead to dimensional changes caused by floor deformation. Second, we must rely on advanced flooring production lines and equipment and rigorous technology to produce first-class flooring. Judging the pros and cons of floor
quality can also be measured from the quality inspection certificate, and other such as "national quality Mianjian products", "ISO9001 quality system certification", "ISO14001 Environmental System Certification" and other honorary certificates, because these honors must make a The result of the refinement of the business. Materials and processes, the composite sheet by the primer layer, printing film
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