chemical limited company

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Shandong female chemical limited company, east chemical industry of new source of family of battalion city sea is finite chemical industry of victory of oil pallet privacy screen diy field of liability company, victory is finite liability company, east battalion city Puruisaide. Shandong grows limited company of waterproof deck storage walls science and technology of chemical industry of abundant of Inc. of triumphant oil science and technology, Shandong Lin, Shandong 10 thousand amount to chemical limited company, wide Rao Liu to add up to chemical limited boards for building a circular deck company, Shandong limited company of science and technology of Hai Feng energy, Shandong Haidewei. 1-6 month 2 increase even port lumber import continuously, import volume rises 10.47% compared to the same period 1-6 month, 2 the entrance continues even port lumber to carry wood plastic composite products for house framinggrowth state, volume of accumulative total import and money worth are six hundred and eighty-three thousand seven hundred tons respectively, 10 thousand yuan 1.051 billion, grow 10.47% respectively compared to the same period, 24.81% .