the floor surface

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V-shaped groove. In the anti-fouling test, we wrote 'bixi' on the floor with an oily pen and waited for a few minutes. After the ink was dried, wipe it gently with a paper towel, and the writing was erased. It is understood that this board with anti-static easy to clean technology, even if there are small hair landed on the board, but also easy to
clean, anti-fouling ability. High wear resistance allows the floor to be more resistant to wear. We use sharp objects to repeatedly scratch the floor surface and find that the contact area is still smooth and free from scratches and abrasion resistance. Laminate flooring is itself famous for its high wear resistance. And Bao Di Ya vitality series of
wood using a special artificial crystal diamond wear layer technology, high-density steel processing technology substrate board, moisture-proof, collision avoidance, no deformation. Wear resistance reached the EU's highest household wear grade AC4 level. In order to further confirm whether the drawing of the floor is environmental
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