field of solid wood flooring

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evolved an urgent desire for product upgrades, consumers expect more to meet the pursuit of their products come out of life, the product's texture, quality, environmental protection, appearance and technology Put forward higher requirements, and even more and more cases of 'market pricelessness' appeared in the market. The
contradiction between the demand of consumers and the supply of enterprise products has become increasingly prominent. In view of this situation, in 2017, Saint Elephant will continue to exert its core strengths of the unique 'full intellectualization' green industry chain, ensuring good quality throughout from raw materials to services while
continuing to cooperate with national research institutes and international enterprises. At the same time, In the field of solid wood flooring, we will create an international leading edge and create a world-class brand with the core and development capabilities in the industry, bringing more satisfying products to consumers. In the home
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