carpentry of courtyard

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Controller of place of carpentry of courtyard of Chinese forest division introduced the fundamental condition of carpentry place, at Wen Ji's researcher board room prefab wood fence panels installation did delegate man-made to make known his position to make a speech. After the meeting,attaching wood to a cement wall personnel attending the meeting saw lumber specimen house. Place of carpentry of courtyard of Chinese forest division, courtyard office, party group the ministry concerns chief, and nearly 100 people attended worker of reusing composite decking australia carpentry place office, graduate student to award card ceremony. Yunnan lumber machines industry ability to change investment to finish 1.19 billion yuan first half of the year since this year, yunnan saves each district to increase outside wall tiles south africa industrial ability to change investment, ability of industry of complete first half of the year province changes investment to finish 61.5 billion yuan, grow 0.7% compared to the same period, 52.3% what occupy Yunnan to save industry to invest.