solid wood flooring

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the brand is an essential part of the flooring industry bigger, stronger, no doubt a brand of Sunshine Avenue! China's production of wood is divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, parquet, bamboo flooring and multi-layer composite cork flooring six categories. Wooden floor price is not proportional with the actual quality,
the price level is not the same, throwing the so-called pie heaven, it may be a trap. Xiaobian China's top ten wood flooring to introduce you to these traps wooden floor. 1. Accessories trap wood flooring accessories, such as skirting, buckle and other product quality is not too concerned about. For example, some inferior baseboards in the
temperature changes or damp deformation, loosening, etc., will directly affect the appearance of the entire room. And the amount of skirting is not small, if there is excessive formaldehyde situation, the entire home environment will be polluted. 2 floor installation trap wooden floor installation proposal arranged by the business,
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