particie board industry

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lumber of Chinese Lin Ke courtyard are released " Chinese particie board industry considers to report (2016) " , guo Wenjing of secretary-general of committee of major of lightweight floor for deck in uk particieboard of association of industry of Chinese forest products's researcher, undertake unscrambling with respect to particieboard industry current situation. The success of the conference is held, promoted what the enterprise swims up and down related particieboard snap together wood grain panel effectively to communicate with communication, to promoting particieboard quality, guide particieboard to the industry upgrades and can develop continuously have important sense. New Zealand log exports times what be sawn timber According to the report of lumber resource quarterly publication, new Zealand is in the log total value that place of the vinyl fencing malaysia first season exported 2017, be lumber export total value almost of 3 times. In the lumber that cuts in Niuxilan, exceeding 50% is the formal exit with log. Nevertheless, show according to data of lumber resource cheap deck ground pools quarterly publication, because go a few years li of United States (US) is added more to the demand of cork sawn timber, a lot of local sawmill also hold button country this opportunity, whole exports value of output from 2012 come to grew 2016