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liquid contaminant discharge, accomplish environmental protection production, do not make an environment violate act. Log of white sandalwood rosewood lands peaceful wave portfront porch flooring A few days ago, a batch of value land peaceful wave port after the quarantine of high-grade and rare annatto of 577 thousand dollar is eligible. This batch of annatto make an appointment with 12.5 tons again, average every tons of 46 thousand dollar, achieve peaceful wave port to import lumber unit price most. The logical sequence that occupy north examines quarantine bureau staff member introduction, do it your self bench using 4x4 this batches of annatto are log of white sandalwood rosewood, namely everybody the flocculus rosewood with hep place, come from India. White sandalwood rosewood, call flocculus red sandalwood again,pressure treated wood in trinidad it is the high-quality goods in red sandalwood, originate in intertropical, semi-tropical virgin forest more, what with India place of district of state of the Er that step demand produces is best,wall panels decorative interior because its grow rate is slow, hundreds years of ability blossoms, volume recovery is extremely small, the price is very accordingly high. "This kind of annatto already was included " be in severe danger convention of international trade of wild vivid plant " ,