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the conference, sun Yubin of vice-chairman of association of trade of Linyi city timber also attended conference intercurrent talk, think needle butt joint wood sunshade landscape materials johannesburg comes down should inform the work, we should be united in wedlock to should appeal to before " double instead " win the lawsuit experience comes reasonable and effective begin the work, important is our China should wood powder and plastic accuse the enterprise wants the each respect job with a current ourselves to had been done not only, more important is to want to understand gather up to appeal to square significant information with all teak and holly tongue and groove flooring possible means, this is right we next the job is begun the meeting is very helpful, intimate ability telling the other 100 battle do not danger. In the conference, the meeting in joining meeting enterprise to all express actively to should appeal to in ITC follow-up individually raises money actively charge is next should accuse the job has made sufficient preparation. Unit of director of association of trade landscape timbers for edging of Linyi city timber gets together the Hou Zongan director of Xin timber industry expresses to be able to give money actively to exert oneself strive for next " double instead " last victory of the job. In the meantime, the delegate analysed the attendant