Will be good to paste a special adhesive

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width. Mesh cutting should be carried out along the latitude and longitude. 2: In the doors and windows and other openings surrounding the grid cloth flip package, the four corners should be additional layer of grid cloth to strengthen the entire grid should be around the hole in the package and additional mesh cloth on top. 3: Apply polymer mortar on both the front and sides of the extruded sheet at the opening and the
gridding (only allow the end of the extruded sheet here to wipe the polymer mortar). Will be thrown before the grid cloth flip along the thickness, and pressed into the polymer mortar. 4: The entire grid cloth along the horizontal direction Beng straight, pay attention to the curved side of the mesh cloth inwards, with a trowel from the middle up, the next two sides of the grid cloth to smooth, so close. Mesh horizontal overlap
width of not less than 100, lap perpendicular to the length of not less than 80, lap joints with mortar to supplement the bottom of the vacancy mortar, mesh cloth shall not be pleated, hollowing, Alice edge. 5: concave and convex lines at the corner, a narrow grid should be buried in the bottom polymer mortar, the entire grid layout in a narrow grid cloth, lap width 80. 6: yin and yang corner of the wall at both sides of the
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