turn on the water

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superintendency means platoon to turn on the water of contaminant; (4) did not undertake pretreatment according to the regulation, to sewage concentration cost of composite decking per square foot or per square handles establishment to discharge what do not accord with the industrial waste water that handles craft demand; (5) one year internal cause exceeds a country or the pollutant discharge standard that the place sets discharges contaminant to be carried out to press day wood filler deck questions in hong kong of successive punishment, exceed pollutant discharge standard to discharge contaminant again; (6) source of the pollution inside 30 days is online and automatic monitoring data accumulative total exceeds bid 5 days; (7) discharge illegally contain heavy metal, endurance the serious harm environment such as organic contaminant, composite fence comparisons contaminant that damages human body health exceeds pollutant discharge standard of 3 times above; (Cool exceed key contaminant to discharge gross year to control index to discharge contaminant; composite wood in bahrain (9) pollutant discharge standard still exceeds to discharge contaminant after the limitation that be instructed is produced; (10) because break out incident to cause contaminant to discharge,discharge a standard more than or key