How to buy plate furniture

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The boards used in home improvement have large core boards (blockboards), plywood, and oriented strand board. Blockboard Commonly known as the big core board, it is made of a core board, two layers of building a floating deck over a concrete patio solid wood veneer, and two layers of solid wood surface boards. MDF and particle board are more suitable for furniture. Compared with medium density board and chipboard, blockboard has the advantages of smooth appearance, easy use, better moisture resistance, and better nail holding power. After the surface is pasted with a decorative plate or a thin MDF, varnish or oil mixing process can be done.
However, Daxinban also has best wpc patio floor decks Oxford obvious shortcomings, such as the stability of the sheet size accuracy is not enough, the production of large core board companies have low threshold, uneven quality. Plywood The raw materials of the northern region are mostly poplar, while the raw materials of the southern region are mostly used fir. A total of five layers of structure, the middle layer of wood spliced ​​together, the upper and lower two layers of poplar veneer, the outermost two layers is the table board.
There are 3, 5, 9, 12mm and other specifications, the quality is uneven, the brand home improvement cheapest brand of decking lumber company has replaced the plywood with Vason. Oriented strand board A product commonly known as Vonson or OSB particleboard. The wood raw material is processed and grown to 40 mm, 70 mm, 5 mm wide, 20 mm wide, 0.3 mm thick and 0.7 mm thick through special equipment. The core plywood pieces are oriented diagonally and cross-directionally by drying, sizing and special equipment. After the hot-press molding of a man-made board. This kind of sheet geom white wall panelling can be used as a substrate for ceilings, cabinets, etc. It can also be painted directly.