more comfortable, more primitive natural

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to the standard grade of emission that has little effect on human body. If some informal manufacturers produce compound wood-plastic floor formaldehyde emissions over this standard, will have a certain impact on personal health. WPC Decking, like bamboo flooring, are afraid of borers. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers must be equipped with insect repellent to prevent borers from destroying the floor. Bamboo wood floor: Concept: bamboo floor surface gorgeous elegant feet feel comfortable is a kind of bamboo wood. Reduce wood consumption ideal decoration material. According to the use of materials can be divided into whole bamboo flooring and bamboo-wood composite flooring. All bamboo flooring is made of bamboo. Bamboo-wood composite flooring is generally made of bamboo as panel. The core and floor are made of wood or wood plywood. According to the color of the floor can be divided into the bamboo floor and carbonized bamboo floor. Advantages: bamboo flooring is made of bamboo and wood of suitable age. Bamboo flooring is fresh and elegant in style, soft in tone, novel in structure, beautiful in appearance and very good in decoration effect. Can make the room environment

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Re: more comfortable, more primitive natural

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