Floor lime moisture absorption method

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Suitable space: kitchen, bedroom lime is easy to do hygroscopic agent. Moisture-proof practices: 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. The lime in the wooden box, when the weather is tide, cover; wet weather, open the lid, while not open the big window, you can make the indoor air to keep dry and pleasant.
Reminder: For the average family, buy lime 5 to 10 kilograms, clinging to a wooden box or a cardboard box, put it under a wardrobe or a corner, but be careful not to let the children take it home.
Suitable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen. Moisture-proof practices: Salt is also a good use of desiccant, although there is no deicing salt melting snow so powerful, salt to deal with home humid or more than enough.
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