aggrandizement wood is assuming

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wooden trade news Floor of domestic aggrandizement wood is assuming abroad Issue date: 2002-11-20 origin: The 3rd quarter that the country pledges check total bureau was waterproofing wood deck in norway announced recently selectives examination make clear, sampling percent of pass of product of floor of domestic aggrandizement wood is 98. 1 % . Qualitative check total bureau expresses, the aggrandizement wood floor board with domestic at present bigger dimensions plank versus tile decking produces a business, difference of congener product of its product quality and abroad is very little, some returns excel to import a product on multinomial function, partial enterprise passed the international standard attestation such as quality, environment, product quality is stable and reliable. Selective examination Wpc Floor Installations this show, formaldehyde releases capacity index to be worth the product that reachs international E1 level to have 51 kinds, occupy selective examination 98 of sum of products. 1 % . More and more production manage an enterprise to realise, product quality must want sponsorial body health, certainly will of product of green Resin Patio Furniture Plans To Build environmental protection makes the main trend of the market. In addition, selective