adversity and serious

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stricken be hit by a natural adversity and serious, however timber production task is finished well however. Whole last year area produces timber 4.15 million stere, anti-static vinyl fence gate ideas together with flows into the market and stock capable person from other channel, resource offers quantity criterion more, but sale situation is more and more fervent, the market is overall go situation still be prices is valued. Accompany new year's day and Spring build a bench seat with composite deck boards Festival arrival especially, impose index restriction, lumber enters town can be less and less only. This kind of lumber supplies price of nervous, material the situation of when the river rises the boat goes up too, estimation will cut March to this year continuously after the plan reachs the designated position. Strong flourishing How To Anchor Wooden Fence Post To Concrete of loose log demand, goods tightens price spread, its are main reason: It is adjacent development of province Guangdong economy is rapid, lumber export is accelerated; 2 it is buyer's market of this lumber of area second half of the year eats Guangxi enter strong, high grade price of this locality of log of old way masson how to build a large deck planter box pine rises on average compared to the same period every stere is controlled 60 yuan, sell 700