colorful plate furniture must be used

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salespeople often emphasize that the brand is using European or Australian water-based paint, in line with European or domestic standards, to prove that the furniture surface does not contain heavy metals or contain heavy metals . People in the industry believe that colorful plate furniture must be used for color development. Use lighter colors when choosing children's furniture. This statement is correct? Solution: The color of paint is not related to harmful substances The more colorful the furniture is, the more heavy metal it contains is wrong. If it is a veneer-type veneer furniture, the color of the furniture is the veneer itself, there is no saying that contains heavy metals. For solid wood paint furniture, whether it is colorless or colored, as long as it is paint, it will contain heavy metals, and has nothing to do with the depth of the color. Related links: plastic pallets for fencing waterproof outdoor wall panel material Wood Plastic Composite Egypt