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moisture-proof agent are added for modification, and the dried substrate is then pasted on the decorative paper, The mask finishing process produced. Polaroid board with fire, moisture, anti-aging, smooth surface light, low cost and so on. Polaroid plate on the market in many different ways, noncombustible Polaroid board, scrap sawdust composite Polaroid board, composite fiber Polaroid board, laser Polaroid board and
so on. Polaroid board widely used in home life, mainly for furniture, interior walls, interior walls and other car decoration. Second, the use of Polaroid Polaroid board is a plywood base paste with a special pattern of paper coated unsaturated resin, the surface and then laminated with a plastic film protective layer. Protective layer is white, beige and other colored patterns 3 common specifications are 1800mm �� 915mm,
2440mm �� 1220mm; thickness 6,8,1 O, 12mm and so on. Polaroid board sub-ordinary plate and pit plate two. Pit plate is done in the Polaroid plate pit surface distance, strip width 3mm, 1mm deep, in order to increase its decorative. Mainly used for furniture, interior walls, walls and other decorative vehicles, fire and moisture aging, surface smooth, low cost. Polaroid board is coated with amino resin decorative color
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