Polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam

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strength, resulting in the plate is more brittle, not easy to bend, the stress on the board when there is stress concentration, easy to make sheet damage, cracking; poor air permeability, almost airtight, if the plate two Larger temperature difference on the side, high humidity is very easy to condensation; due to the smooth surface of the board, the interface needs to be dealt with in the construction, and for the hair. Wool panels
are not in this column; XPS board and plaster mortar bond is not strong, easy to fall off; outside the paste shed faster and more serious. XPS insulation board advantages and disadvantages, Xiao Bian temporarily to share here. Insulation board generally divided into two types, namely polyurethane insulation board and XPS insulation board, the advantages and disadvantages are different, consumers can choose according to
demand. For more knowledge of XPS insulation board, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Phenolic insulation board is a kind of safety and environmental protection, excellent fire performance insulation board, commonly used in building exterior insulation and roof insulation. The following small series to introduce the structure and application of phenolic insulation board structure, for
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